November 16, 2006

Public sector workers earn more than in the private sector. They also throw more sickies, such as the 'workers' at Swindon Borough Council where a 10th of the employees where off on long term sick leave at some point in 2005 (that is they where on the sick for more than 20 days) clocking up between them 60,000 days off. This is includes 6 for physicological reasons, possibly the physicological problem of being lazy work shy bastards. There where no numbers givern for the amount taken off on what is not considered long term, that is the lower bound of the amount of time that was had off. (H/T The Englishman)

At the same time pensioners are being thown in jail for not paying council tax as it rockets ever higher, increasing every year at much more than inflation or wages growth. This is despite there not being enough places in jail for criminals so they get released early.


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